Faster Way to Fat Loss (3 Essential Steps)

We are all looking for a faster way to fat loss. I recently went through a very long slump that started off slow until it was full on eating crap and not taking care of myself.

I think we all have that moment of “What are you doing? You really need to get your shit together, Nicole!”. And then we either do it or we continue until it gets worst.

Ok so STEP 1 seems really obvious but it’s so important and often skipped. You must be ready for change! That’s it step one. But how do you know if you are really ready, I mean haven’t you been ready before and it didn’t stick. I want you to ask yourself why you need to do this. If you want to lose weight, why do you want to lose weight. You want to look better, feel better… WHY! I’m very serious about this because you are going to have to go back to step one a lot.

Yes, I can help you get results faster but I didn’t say it would be easy. It’s hard in the beginning. You will be sore, you may want to quit, you may even fail to complete all your workouts and eat healthy meals. But if you give up you’ll never get to that point where it is easy. Where nourishing your body with the right foods and working out comes natural and you enjoy it.

So Really dig deep on this one and find out what’s really motivating you. How bad do you want change because you must be ready for change.

STEP 2 is all about preparation. If you’re looking for a faster way to fat loss you probably know you need to eat better and workout. So you need a plan. In the beginning I suggest working out 5 days a week with 3 of those being strength training. Muscle burns fat so building lean muscle is essential. So prepare for your workouts, make a workout schedule. What days and times will you be working out and what will those workouts consist of. You may not complete every workout the first week or possibly even the second week but as long as you pushed your hardest your body will reward you.

What’s more important than your workouts? Of course what you are eating. Always remember this! “You CAN NOT out work a bad diet”

Preparation when it comes to you’re diet is actually easier than you think.

Start by scheduling yourself a Free Day or Treat Day. Maybe start off with two days but no more than that. Maybe you have a birthday dinner coming up with your girls or it’s you’re child’s birthday. So schedule you Free Day and a Treat Meal so you don’t feel deprived from social events. The important part is that it’s scheduled.

Very important side note. These Free Days or Treat Days are not meant for you to binge. It’s more of a relaxed eating day as you’re body is getting used to your new way of eating. In the beginning this may mean you over indulged and got chocolate waisted, however over time those days will come and you’ll find that you really don’t crave the same things as you used to.o or you have more self control and eat them moderately.

For example, you are so used to coffee with a splash of almond milk that a mocha latte isn’t appetizing or that bagel with cream cheese just feels so heavy that you’d rather eggs and sweet potatoes.

Back to faster way to fat loss step 2! So you scheduled your free days this week, now take a moment and write out your favorite healthy meals. You are literally going to write down what you are eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and some snack ideas.

Next make your grocery list and get everything you need including your water bottle. Water is key! Meal prep makes this much easier but even if you’re not a meal prepper plan your meals. If you know you are going to be in a rush on a certain day or time plan the easier meal. If you have more time on one day to create a great dinner plan it for that day.

The point is you have to prepare!

Finally Step 3! You’re super motivated, your prepared, you got up Monday morning you and made it through your first workout and ate healthy all day. Then Tuesday your son woke up with a fever, you called out of work. You still could have gotten your workout in and ate healthy all day. Instead you decided to curl up on the couch with him and a bowl of cereal. You skipped your workout a figured you’d do it a little later when he falls back to sleep. One days not a big deal however one day usually turns into 2 days, then 3 days and well you get the point.

Maybe that doesn’t stop you at all, maybe instead he woke up with a fever, you set him up with everything he needs and did your workout and ate your healthy breakfast and didn’t let that stop you and your proud of yourself. You make it half way through week two working hard and enjoying your new meal plan. Then you get dressed one morning and look in the mirror and your not happy with your lack of results. You know it’s too soon to see major results and you’re working hard so it’s going to happen. But now you’re frustrated so frustrated that you feel like why bother. The girls are going to happy hour after work and you were gonna wait till Friday but this diet thing isn’t working anyway so screw it you’re going too. And then you don’t bother the next day, or the next and well here we go again.

Soooo, what’s step 3? It’s the most important step for me. Get ahead of your excuses! Write them down, you probably know write now as you read this what your excuses are, what usually gets you to fall off the wagon and what stops you from jumping back on. Brainstorm if you need to. But write them all down the big ones and the little ones. Now write down what you will really do about each of these.

I have a really hard time staying on track when the kids are home. Whether it’s spring break, summer break or just memorial day. March now that’s my go to month. The kids have not one day off then mother nature threw us a snow day literally on day one of my new workout routine. Well I did Step 1, I was so ready for change and not letting anything stop me. I did Step 2, I had my workouts prepared for the week, snow day or not I had my meal plans setup. I knew what I was eating for all my meals. I love curling up on the couch with hot cocoa and whip cream like you have no idea but I went with my cup of tea and stuck to the meal plan.

Working out got the best of me, I’d love to tell you it didn’t but it did. I did my morning flow with my pushups. But with Joey and the kids home I had a full house and did not do my workout. I was very disappointed in myself and the next day split my workout in two.

I almost didn’t do that either because Joey was home and up during my workout time. I had to get ahead of my biggest excuse. I decided to suck it up and did the first workout despite Joey being there and then my second workout with all the kids home in the evening. Lately it doesn’t bother me working out when the kids are home because I pushed to do something that I usually find very difficult and realized it’s not that big of a deal.

Your excuses are very personal so you need to figure out what they are and what you’re going to do when they come up. If you don’t find away you’re going to keep quitting and restarting and just get frustrated by the lack of results.

You can’t work super hard one week and then 2 days the next week and expect to see results. You have to be fully committed, prepared and not willing to easily give up no matter what.

Faster Way to Fat Loss – 3 Essential Steps to Stop Starting and Stopping:

STEP 1: Be Ready for Change

STEP 2: Preparation

STEP 3: Get Ahead of Your Excuses

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