What does being FIT mean to you?

Besides the obvious losing weight and getting FIT, regular physical activity can reduce your risk chronic disease and stimulate your brain, improve your sleep, and improve self-esteem. When you are FIT you have energy to do what’s important to you and to be more productive. You also have more stamina and a positive outlook to handle the mental challenges and emotionally ups and downs of everyday life, and to deal with stress.

For me being FIT means having more energy and motivation to get everything I need done throughout the day, and the energy and time to do more with my kids. I also love feeling amazing both inside and out, feeling confident in myself and happier than ever. And of course I feeling sexy as F***!

68Holistic Fitness is characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors.

Movement is essential to our health and well being, however starting a fitness routine can be overwhelming and scary. Your friends and family giving you advice and ridiculous amounts of information online, tv, in the gym, everywhere. Much of this information and advice contradicts each other which can be extremely frustrating and confusing. Everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves and I want to make it easy so you can enjoy adding fitness into your life and get real results.