The Goddess Boot Camp will be returning for Spring 2016. Pre-registration will begin in March.

 Spring: May 2nd – June 9th
Summer: June 27th – Aug 4th
Back to School: Aug 15th – Sept 22nd
Fall: Oct 3rd – Nov 10th

The Secret to Boot Camp success is “TEAM SPIRIT” – it’s that feeling you get when everyone feels we’re in it together.

Join Certified Trainer and Health Coach Nicole Celeste in an outdoor workout that will motivate and challenge you to transform your mind & body!

For women of all fitness levels who are looking for a routine and a team of women to hold you accountable. It’s time to train like a Girl!
Most boot camps ignore strength training and focus on cardio. You lose weight but may also lose muscle in the process. Muscle burns fat, even when your resting.

The Goddess Boot camp is Engaging, Entertaining & Effective with Functional High Intensity Exercises, Body weight Resistance Exercises, Core Conditioning and a variety of exciting exercises.

No Machines! Your body is the machine!

Fat Burning, Body shaping, metabolism boosting, friendship building, 6-week boot camp. Tighten and tone yourself into a healthier you.

blue bullet pointFeel Better
blue bullet pointFat Loss
blue bullet pointBuild muscle
blue bullet pointBetter Mobility
blue bullet pointStress Relief
blue bullet pointStrong & Healthy Bones
blue bullet pointImprove Posture
blue bullet pointToned Body
blue bullet pointFocused Mind


Join the Goddess Movement

Life Changing Results ~ Find what health and happiness means to you ~ Train more than your body

68$21 Drop-In Session (Try it out with a friend, ask about partner discounts)

$199 Full 6 week Boot Camp (2 sessions per week) save $53

$250 Full 6 week Boot Camp (unlimited sessions) save up to $506


$200 Monthly Membership (save up to $1624) and 20% off when paid up front

blue bullet point1 Free Fitness Consultation and training session

blue bullet point1 Free Health Coaching consultation and 1st appointment

blue bullet pointSugar Detox

blue bullet pointAll four 6-week boot camps (Springtime, Summer, Back to School and Fall)

blue bullet pointWeekly email support for the rest of 2016

blue bullet pointExclusive members only 2 week intense Holiday Boot Camp

The Goddess Boot Camp is FREE for all Personal Training and Health Coaching clients.

682 Locations

Monday and Wednesday

Seton Park             8:15am-9:00am    or    6:30pm-7:15pm
(meeting b/t the tennis courts and softball field)
Independence Ave, Bronx NY 10463

By bus use BX7 or BX10

Tuesday and Thursday

Ewen Park             12:15pm-1:00pm
(meeting at the bottom of the stairs)
(W 231 St and Riverdale Av)
3121 Riverdale ave, Bronx NY 10463
231st st. – off the 1 train
or Bus BX7 and BX10