Spring into Fitness: April 24th – June 2nd

Summer Shred: June 19th – July 28th

Back to School: August 14th – September 22nd

Trick or Fit: October 9th – November 17th


Join the 6-Week Challenge:

Complete 1 Group Fitness Class every day of the 6 week Summer Shred and

attend the Back to School Boot Camp for FREE!

$18 Drop in for Family Boot Camp (includes 1 adult and child) and $30 Drop in for Yoga Fusion

Family Boot Camp – Workout with your kids to improve your strength and stability with sports drills, team and partner activities. (for Kids ages 3+)

Yoga Fusion Strength & Sculpt – A 60min full body fitness-based approach to Yoga. Improved flexibility, core strength and concentration while cleansing the body, calming the mind and reducing imbalances in the body as well as increase bone strength and muscle mass. You can expect a great cardiovascular and strength building workout that will tone and sculpt every muscle in your body.

68All Group Fitness Classes are only $15 and can be purchased in a group package with your boot camp or as 5 and 10 packs for a discounted rate.

Meditation Classes are only $10 and Kids Yoga is always FREE

Sunrise Yoga – In the Yoga discipline the morning is considered a “divine time” as one’s spiritual energy is at it’s peak. Clarity, creativity, and peace of mind and body are benefits of a sunrise yoga practice due to fewer distractions prior to starting your day.

To achieve optimum personal results, it is recommended to practice yoga in the morning. Sunrise yoga brings your body energy and nourishes you with a positive attitude to fully prepare for the challenges of the day ahead.

Core Killer – Strengthen your core muscles, shrink your waist, and improve your posture.

“I Hate Running” Cardio – This is a beginners running class. With a mix of running, walking and stairs this class is designed to get you moving and stay active.

Fitness FundamentalsThis is a beginners class for anyone new to working out. It is designed to teach proper form for the most common used body weight exercises and give you a solid foundation to build on with your fitness program.

Plank & Burn – This short strength training workout focuses on one of the most effective workout postures, the Plank. This exercise is effective because, if done correctly, nearly every muscle in the body is engaged with extra focus on your core and upper body strength.

PM Yoga – Designed to prepare your body for the end of the day. Combining gentle movement with restorative, relaxing poses to calm the nerves and prepare your body for bed and a good nights sleep

Body Confidence Meditation – Designed to calm the mind and relax the body this meditation can be used to promote positive self-image and help you build confidence in your self and improve your relationship with self and your body.

Booty Boot Camp – With a focus on the butt and thighs, this class is designed to burn fat, tone, and shape your legs and butt. As an added bonus, many of these moves are dynamic enough that they also engage the core muscles (abs, lower back, obliques), as well.

Kids YogaThis is a fun class taught by my daughters where the girls demonstrate their favorite yoga poses and the children learn some yoga poses, relaxation, and inner fulfillment. Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that’s noncompetitive. Giving children their own time for self exploration. No yoga experience necessary. 

68The Goddess Boot Camp  – Goddess Boot camp is Engaging, Entertaining & Effective with Functional High Intensity Exercises, Body weight Resistance Exercises, Core Conditioning and a variety of exciting exercises.

$199 Full 6 week Boot Camp (2 sessions per week)

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$250 Full 6 week Boot Camp (unlimited sessions)

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$400 Full 6 week Boot Camp PLUS (unlimited sessions)

blue bullet pointIncludes ALL Group Fitness Classes and Yoga Fusion

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blue bullet pointThe Goddess 21 day Sugar Detox

The Goddess Boot Camp is FREE for all Personal Training and Health Coaching clients.