Huge January Launch Intro Offer!!!

Are you recouped from the holidays yet?
Yay, awesome, “virtual high five” welcome to 2018!!

I’m finally rested and piecing myself back together from the holidays and the freezing cold. Did some reorganizing around the house and the snow is melting so parking is easy again in New York City. Well maybe not easy lol, but I don’t have to shovel myself a parking space. Anyway life is back to normal. I got a good workout in Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and this morning.

I’m sorry to say that getting sick, working so many extra hours and the snow storm put a big hault on my normal regimine. I actually didn’t workout in almost 3 weeks. I know that’s crazy, but I’m human. It happened and I’m not beating myself up about it. I know what it takes to get myself back on track and when I get going I really get going so here we are. I just did a big Whole Foods, Stew Leonards and Stop n Shop Haul and I’m ready to meal prep. I even wrote out my meals for the week to make it much easier.Fridge Ready to Meal Prep

I definitely need a bigger fridge!

So for anyone else ready to get back on track or simply begin I am offering a huge introductory offer for online personal training until February 1st. That’s three weeks of savings.

So here’s your Huge Introductory offer!

body goddess app picYour first month of the Goddess Jump start online personal training will be only $49! That’s more than 60% off which is huge for personal training. CODE: FITFOR2018 (Goddess Inspired and Goddess 360 will be available by February)

Sign up and start your fitness journey today.

Click here for more info on online personal training…

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