Let’s Get Motivated & Stay Motivated Working Out at Home

Last week I focused on the guilt many of you are feeling. So as promised for this week let’s talk MOTIVATION!

Maybe you’ve already tried working out at home and had the best intentions for eating healthy and staying consistent with your workouts and then you lost motivation.

Maybe you’re still very much on track and just preparing yourself in case you lose motivation.

Like I mentioned last week motivating yourself is not always easy. Lack of motivation is literally the number one reason personal trainers are hired. The main thing I am constantly trying to improve and the hardest part of my job is how to keep my clients motivated.

Motivation isn’t easy, whether you are working with a trainer or on your own, training at home or in the gym. So since most of you are now training at home let me make that a bit easier.

Can I just say that I love working out at home. I find it much easier to motivate myself into my living room for a workout than going to the gym or a class. 

So here are some of the tips I use for my clients as well as some of my personal tips…

Let’s go tip number 1!!!

It’s not all in or all out. There tends to be this idea that if we skip a workout or eat a bad meal it’s over. Many people even decide before they start that they may not be able to keep up with their workouts or eating healthy so not even start.

Throw that out right now it’s not all in or all out!

Sometimes we just maintain. A little recap if you haven’t watched “The Bounce Back” from The Fit For life Health Habits Mini-Course.

Now moving on to some of the basics….

  • Have a dedicated space in your home to work out. It doesn’t have to be a big space, simply knowing where in your house or apartment you are going to workout is the first step.
  • If you aren’t working or going to school still plan your day like you would if you were leaving the house to go to work or school and structure in regular tasks.
  • Block off time in your personal life/work calendar. If you don’t block out time, you’re less likely to make time to work out and more likely to do anything else.
  • Schedule your workouts as if you were meeting your trainer at the gym. And stick to this appointment no matter what.
  • If you are into working out with friends get someone to try a virtual workout with you or even just tell your workout partner you,re workout plans and hold each other accountable.
  • If your not following a workout plan from your trainer or a video write down your workouts for each day and your progressions. Once it’s written down it’s always easier to stick to.

The next one is really going to vary on what motivates you personally…

  • For most of you getting up and ready in your workout clothes alone gets you motivated to complete your workout. But for some of you it is super exciting to be able to workout in anything you want even your pjs! This makes it fun to workout at home and more motivating to not need the gym. So try getting ready in your workout clothes and then try working out in clothes you would never go to the gym in. see which way motivates you more.

So now we are prepped to workout, you’ve got your plan and your ready to go. So let’s do it!!

It’s easier to keep going than to get going.

Sometimes you struggle to get started. On those days I have two methods that have worked with my clients and on myself.

  • The five minute rule: I tell myself I am going to workout for five minutes and at the end of those five minutes if that’s really all I got then I stop for the day. If not I just go for another 5min. This usually pushes me to the end of my workout or at least more than I thought I would do that day.
  • The one exercise rule: I tell myself I am going to do one exercise from my workout and when I’m done if that’s all I got then I stop for the day or I go for one more. Like the five min rule this usually pushes me to the end of my workout. Oh and a little trick is that I like to start with the exercise I least want to do so it is out of the way.

Ok I know you’ve heard this so many times but you really never regret your workout…

Who doesn’t feel great after a workout!?

And the zone out is amazing, you just get in your own world!

And hello stress reliever!!!

What about that feeling when your body gets stronger and you can do more each time you workout….

Remember these tips on those days you need some added motivation!

And if you find you always hate working out you may just be trying workouts that aren’t right for you so try something new and you may see the difference when you find workouts you enjoy! *wink* wink

Hope this helps you find some more motivation to get consistent with your workouts!

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