Let’s talk Ketosis “keto” (5 Reasons I’m not a fan)

So let me try to not turn this into a rant and start with some basics. Rule #1 when it comes to diets…

If you’ve been doing nothing they all work…for awhile. There are so many reasons why diets stop working but that’s a whole other topic so let’s just say the word dieting means temporary, it doesn’t last.

And…..the more restrictive the diet the more chance of it not working or you binge eating every chance you get.

Yep and keto is soooooo restrictive!

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Look the science is out there, there are actually reasons why doctors agree with keto but I’m pretty sure they didn’t intend for you to make bacon your main food source and top it off with a stick of butter. especially when heart disease is the number one killer in the US.

Food science is a funny thing though. You can literally have two people say two different things and both of them are right. And that is what is so frustrating for most people.

But with keto you are actually cutting out an entire food group and loading up on saturated fat, yes yes the science, kick your body into ketosis and it doesn’t need carbs. Have we had “the talk” good carbs vs bad carbs….well it doesn’t exist in keto.

There are so many healthy foods that you can’t eat. Lentils and chickpeas are a no go, so goodbye hummus, and all you lovely vegetarians that thrive off lentil everything well full fat greek yogurt will be your protein source. Not knocking the full fat yogurt it is something I try to eat on a daily, with some mct oil and berries…ohhh but no berries. Berries!!! You know those little antioxidant rich, low sugar, taste like heaven guilt free treats…not on keto. And good by root veggies like beets…I thought beets were a nutrient rich super food…hmmm.

Wait for it……remember when we all started eating spaghetti squash instead of pasta, well that’s a no go on keto too!

These are healthy nutrient rich foods that we are not allowed to eat on a keto diet wtf!!!

So let’s take a step back. We just cut out an entire food group and you don’t think you’re going to develop any nutritional deficiencies!

I bet you have a list of all the nutrients your body needs and the keto friendly foods that cover all of those, or a bag full of supplements to make up for what your not eating. I said that seriously because I do have a list on a memo on my phone with all the essential nutrients and my favorite foods to cover everything. I’m a little weird like that oh and I do this for a living. And yes I could make my list keto friendly but I’d be miserable and well I like to be happy and enjoy my life.

So yes I’m throwing raspberries in my yogurt today and making lentil tacos on a corn tortilla…oh man I’m so bad lol.

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Not really though. What I consider bad is the other day when I sat on the couch with a carton of breyers chocolate peanut butter ice cream…yes I did that. No I didn’t eat the whole carton.

So if you’re on the keto diet and you love it and don’t feel like you’re depriving yourself or want to binge on strawberries or red bell peppers and hummus, then go for it but I suggest more lean meats, full fat dairy, nuts and avocados over lots of bacon and butter.

For the rest of you this is an extreme diet with lots of restrictions that most people can’t follow correctly. There are better ways to lose weight and live healthy.

Extreme diets are only good when they are intended to be temporary like an elimination diet or detox. In this case you slowly reintroduce foods to discover what is agrees and disagrees with your body. This is great for anyone with gut issues, inflammation etc.

This is where bio-individuality comes into play.

I thrive on a plant based diet, while many people find that not sustainable for their bodies. Some people can’t eat dairy some thrive off lots of dairy. Some people can’t eat grains or legumes, I do well with both of these. I don’t eat a lot of dairy, mostly yogurt, eggs and occasionally cheese but I don’t have issues with it when I do. And of course I’m picky with dairy, always organic and the highest fat if not full fat.

You have to learn to really listen to your body.

And if I didn’t make it clear you really should be eating Carbs,Fats and Protein in EVERY meal. How much of each macro will vary based on your body and your goals but they all play their part in a functioning human.

Let me know what you think and of course…

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