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If your looking to lose weight, a sugar detox can absolutely help with weight loss. It is generally the key to any weight loss program, because eating fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar does.

HOWEVER, I use the sugar detox to create “A HEALTHIER YOU”, which has many more benefits than simply weight loss. Eliminating sugar from your gut is the beginning of healing your gut, which is the secret to creating a healthy body and a healthy life.

“Being addicted to sugar and flour is not an emotional eating disorder. It’s a biological disorder, driven by hormones and neurotransmitters that fuel sugar and carb cravings — leading to uncontrolled overeating.”  -DR. Mark Hyman MD

Since it’s biological you can’t simply just stop eating sugar. You need to detox from sugar to reverse the havoc on your body and diminish the cravings.

The sugar detox is a very basic detox made for most anyone. I recommend a candida cleanse to really heal your gut. Click here for more information on Healing Your Gut, Candida and The Candida Cleanse.

Sugar, fructose to be exact, is literally making us sick and slowly killing us by causing so many more diseases than just type 2 diabetes and obesity. Sugar has been linked to heart disease, cancer, acne, infertility, depression and even dementia to name a few.

Because sugar is hidden in so many foods we don’t realize how much sugar we are actually consuming. The worst is liquid sugar. Juices can have more sugar than soda but seem healthy.

Understanding sugar and the widespread destruction fructose causes on your body is important to help you stick to your detox. Click here for more information on Sugar, Sugar Addiction, Cancer and Sugar, The Best Sweeteners, and Artificial Sweeteners

68If I’ve been eating out of my norm, processed foods, large amounts of sugar foods, starchy carbs, or eating out a lot I will generally do a short 3 day cleanse or mini sugar detox. Since I mostly eat very healthy this works well for me so I will include a mini 3 Day Sugar Detox. The real Sugar Detox is for 3 weeks as this generally creates habits and I want eating healthy to be a habit so that you continue long after the 3 weeks.

Detox Instructions:

1. We will be removing all sugar and simple carbohydrates from your diet throughout the detox.

2. You will have a list of foods you need to AVOID, foods that are GOOD, and foods that are you should LIMIT

3. You want to eat protein in every meal especially breakfast. (Tree nuts, seeds, eggs, wild caught fish, grass-feed meats, etc.)

4. It’s ok to slip up! Just restart the detox.

What to expect:

You will be eating whole, nutrient dense foods to help eliminate sugar and carb cravings. You will not need to buy any special foods or supplements. You will however need to get in the kitchen and cook more.

In the beginning your cravings will be very strong. This is when you want to be most careful not to slip up. The first 3-4 days is usually the most difficult. You may even feel symptoms of with-drawl such as fatigue, headaches, gas, bloating etc.

However after just 3 days you will be over that hump, feeling more energized and less of a need for sweets.

REMEMBER, this is a temporary detox, the healthy foods like berries and sweet veggies can be reintroduced when finished.

You will find your cravings for fructose diminish and you simply don’t want to eat the way you did before. When reintroducing foods you will learn to listen to your body. Bio-Individuality is a term introduced to me while studying to be a health coach. Basically one persons food is another persons poison. So if you are paying close attention to how you feel after eating particular foods you will notice what your body needs and can’t have. Some people will thrive adding in grains, legumes, dairy, sweeter veggies like beets and sweet potatoes, etc, while some may not be able to go back to some of these.

There is nothing wrong with healthy desserts either, just limit desserts to the end of the day.

One of my favorites is plain greek yogurt, with unsweetened natural walnut or almond butter (peanut butter if you prefer) unsweetened coconut flakes and dark chocolate morsels

68A few sugar detox tips:

1. Not sleeping can affect your appetite, so DO get a good night sleep. If you haven’t already visit my page on Sleeping For Health.

2. Stress levels raise cortisol which will also affect your appetite. Try making time for activities that relieve stress. Even something as simple as curling up on the couch with a book or watching your favorite tv show.

3. Most importantly you need to have a “Sugar Detox Emergency Snack Kit” at all times for when you are out and need something healthy to snack on. Your snack kit will include protein and healthy fats. For example I like to include walnuts and pecans (tree nuts), I love pumpkin seeds, single pack nut butters and celery sticks. You can also keep a shaker bottle with you if it has the canister for your protein powder. For you carnivores turkey jerky is a great snack, just avoid brands high in sodium and any sugar filed brands.