Biggest Health & Fitness Struggles I’m hearing from Everyone Stuck at Home…

More recently I have a flood of people telling me how much weight they’ve gained from being in quarantine from eating too much delivery, snacking and not being motivated enough to workout.


These are the top things my clients, family, friends and pretty much anyone and everyone that knows I’m a trainer are telling me they need….

1) Support and Accountability

2) Motivation (believe me you are all not alone I go back and forth between being super motivated and kicking butt at home to ughhhhh I’m so over this)

3) At Home Workouts (with no or minimal equipment) the biggest complaint is there is an overwhelming amount of workouts but no direction and a lot of cardio with minimal strength training.

4) Cooking Healthy Meals (and NOT bored snacking so much)

5) Social Interaction (this is truly what I miss the most!)


Alright alright so let’s tackle the BIG five needs I’ve been hearing…


1. Support and Accountability

If you’re not working with myself or someone else a few things I do to keep myself motivated is to have a routine just like I would at the gym. I have specific days for my workouts with a set time.

You also want to have a plan. So if you aren’t working with a program from myself or another trainer write down your workouts.

2. Motivation

If there are days when I’m really struggling to push myself I follow the 5min or one exercise rule.

ex) I have to workout for 5min and if after the five minutes I think I can push myself 5 more mins I go for it until I either am too tired to continue or in most cases I finish my workout. The same works for the one exercise rule. I’ll decide to do the first exercise in my workout and then I’ll go for the 2nd and the 3rd until I really stop or finish.

I also try to constantly remind myself why I’m working out and eating healthy.

3. At Home Workouts (with no or minimal equipment)

I’ve never seen so many at home workouts before the pandemic so in most cases it’s not hard to find workouts so some of this goes back to having a plan and writing down your workout. You can do a lot with body weight focusing on slow and controlled movements really engaging your muscles to make it more effective.

Also everything and anything can be a weight but my two favorites are water jugs and your purse because you can put anything in a purse and even do movements like a kettle bell swing. I recently recorded a lot of new videos in my app for clients that don’t have access to any equipment.

Some of those videos are on my Youtube Channel and I will be adding more.

4. Cooking Healthy Meals (and NOT bored snacking so much)

This can be the easiest depending on how you stock your kitchen. First don’t and I know it sounds obvious but don’t buy anything you don’t want to be eating or snacking on. Because YES you will get bored and eat it and too much of it.

Have a day to prep for the week, even write out what you are going to eat for the week based on what you have in the kitchen and what you have access to. I’ve stocked my fridge and pantry with lots of lentils, beans, whole wheat and veggie pastas, hummus, high fat plain greek yogurt, and have had lots of luck with fresh fruits and veggies from imperfect foods, amazon fresh and whole foods. I keep a little 70% plus dark chocolate around as well as berries and nuts and seeds for some healthy snacking.

If you do feel the need to snack, put whatever you are having on a plate never eat right out of a bag or box.

5. Social Interaction

Although I can’t offer you the type of social interaction you had pre-covid if you are able to maybe get outside and social distance with a friend or family member you can workout outside together.

If not another option is to take everything from 1- 4 share it with someone. You can do it together through a video app, or just be each other’s accountability partners. Or maybe they don’t do it at all but they are someone you can check in with and tell them about what you are doing.

Now is a time to come together, stay positive, and support one another so even if they aren’t doing it with you I’m sure they will gladly help be your mental support and cheer leader.


And of course I am always available for all your health or fitness related questions, so feel free to contact me at any time.

Use this time to take care of yourself, and come out looking and feeling your very best!

I have several different ways we can work together depending on what you are looking for and need. Schedule your EMPOWERMENT CHAT with me today!

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