Stop beating yourself up for falling off track!

I started talking about it last week but the two big struggles or issues I’m hearing are lack of motivation and really guilt and beating yourselves up for weight gain or not eating right and working out. 

So I want to talk about both of those things but focusing this week again on the guilt issue. Hopefully most of you had a chance to see the video from my mini-course. However that video was created for normal circumstances with one or two missed workouts or “bad” meals. (I hate calling it that but the alternative is long. “Meals lacking in nutrients”.)

Let’s be real!

It’s now months of gyms closed and quarantine at different levels and a serious change is normalcy for everyone. So most of us have had more than a missed workout or two and some literally months of poor eating habits and lack of movement. 

Not including my personal workouts or any classes I was teaching, I literally was walking 3hours and 36min a week every week just going back and forth to work (yes I did the math lol) and my kids were doing about the same between school and hanging out with friends. That’s a weekly movement that came to a complete halt in March.

Just to be clear I’m not giving you all excuses for not eating healthy or working out. In fact I have lots of advice I will share to help with most situations. This is to talk about not feeling guilty about what is done and to move forward.

I saw on the news recently the term “Quarantine 15” to sum up all of the weight gain. So clearly if you have gained you are not alone.

So let’s talk about the reasons many of you are feeling defeated right now when it comes to your bodies.

I’m hearing especially in the city, a lot of ordering take out and a lot of unhealthy snacking. In the beginning I also had trouble ordering fresh groceries and I wasn’t interested in tackling grocery stores. Luckily I had prepared as best I could, but not everyone did. Since healthy food is something most people get fresh for the week or at most two weeks the average person was stocking up on foods lacking in nutrients and not much in the way of fruits and veggies. Oh and lots of snacks. Yes yes I know this wasn’t all of you. But for those of you that did it meant eating a lot of take out and snacking way too much, right? So like I’ve said before, own it! Who cares, it’s done and you can’t go back, BUT you can go forward. 

Stop ordering out or at least give yourself once a week or a month…wink wink…make it a treat.


Healthy eating tip number one…Learn to cook!

I can help, just let me know…

Don’t be shy, everyone asks me to help them cook healthier. Seriously! 

Next the snacking thing really should stop. But you’re bored at home so we’re not going to beat ourselves up for snacking, we’re just going to take a different approach.

So some snacking tips, use them all or some anything is better than using none…

  1. Don’t buy unhealthy snacks… umm yeah you can’t eat what’s not there so this is the easiest solution. 
  2. So you didn’t listen to tip number one ok. Do Not eat out of the box, carton, bag etc. Get a cup, bowl, plate and grab what you are snacking on and that’s it. ALSO…do read the label and know the serving size. (you will be surprised by how much or how little is in a serving for different foods.
  3. Don’t call it snacking. It’s a meal…a small meal but still a meal. HMMM how does that sound, how many extra meals are you having?
  4. Try healthy snacking. Fruits, nuts, seeds, plain yogurt, hummus, veggies etc. (Nuts and seeds fill you up very fast) BTW not everything that says it’s healthy is healthy. Again read the labels, especially the ingredients.

So we talked about food which is the bigger issue. Despite what you think if you are sitting at home eating really healthy and not working out you probably aren’t gaining weight. 

No I didn’t say I don’t want you to move. There are so many reasons aside from gaining weight that I want you to exercise and literally move everyday. 

Not exercising or evening moving at all is the other issue.

Like I mentioned earlier daily movement was a part of many people’s daily life without even realizing it. It was definitely a part of mine and it is frustrating to not have that right now. And for those of you that were going to the gym, taking classes, participating in outdoor activities or in sports this is a huge change.

So let’s face it our normal ways of getting in movement are no longer normal. So we have to do things differently.

There are so many ways to get in fitness or simply daily movement. But I think you all know this. There are more classes than ever before, youtube videos, social media is flooded with workouts. It’s there so why aren’t you taking advantage. That’s simple, it’s motivation!

It’s hard to push yourself, believe me I struggle to motivate myself all the time. I’m either super motivated and there’s no stopping me or literally everything is an excuse.

Ughhh it’s too hot, Ughhh it’s almost my cycle, Ughhh I didn’t sleep enough, or it’s already too late in the day etc. HA HA there’s more really.

Every Excuse also has a Solution.

Just remember that. But I’ll talk more about motivation next week. Today is about not feeling guilty because the truth is motivating yourself is not always easy. I’m a personal trainer and I can tell you that the number one reason people hire me is not necessarily because of all my certifications or how good I am as a trainer although that all helps

It’s because they need to be motivated and pushed to some degree. Some more than others.

Think about how some people love online school and some struggle with it. Some won’t even bother because they know they can’t motivate themselves.

I started online training about two years ago and one of the things I am constantly trying to improve is how to keep online clients motivated. I can design great programs but what good is it if my clients keep skipping their workouts. So the hardest part of my job is to keep my clients motivated so believe me if you are your own motivation and you are struggling please cut yourself some slack.

If you are one of the many people that has been feeling guilty or beating yourself up lately let’s stop doing that. Even if you don’t take any of my advice and you decide hey I’m not changing a thing until this pandemic is over then cool, OWN IT and STOP being so damn mean to yourself!!!!

And if you’d like my help I have several different ways we can work together depending on what you are looking for and need. Schedule your EMPOWERMENT CHAT with me today!

Ok that’s it I’m done ranting hope this helps…

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